On May 10, 1922, an item appeared in the Portland Press Herald noting that a country club was to be established in Cape Elizabeth on the 187 acre James Solomon Hannaford Estate. The initial sponsors included Clinton W. Davis, Robert Payson, Arthur S. Bosworth and St. John Smith.

The 15-room, three-story house included a veranda on all sides with five rooms on the ground floor. Also on the property was a large barn (to be converted into a garage) and a vegetable house that was to be renovated into a dance hall and locker room. The owner at this time was P.W. Sprague.

On May 27, 1922, a certificate of organization was filed at the Cumberland County Register of Deeds by the Purpoodock Club of Cape Elizabeth. It was organized for the purpose "of maintaining a club house, golf links, tennis courts and other grounds for outdoor games and sports." The officers were Walter G. Davis of Portland, and Walter B. Parker and Robert Payson, both of Cape Elizabeth. Work was to begin immediately on renovations to the existing structures on the property.

Later, ground would be leveled for a golf course and tennis courts. On the evening of November 16, 1922, Purpoodock Club was formally opened with a black tie dinner and dance in the newly renovated club house and dance hall.

Among those entertaining at dinner before the opening of the club were Mr. and Mrs. James P. Baxter, Jr., of Carroll Street, Mrs. William H. Bradford of State Street, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sewall Bosworth of Bowdoin Street. Mr. and Mrs. Bosworth's guests included Col. and Mrs. Frederick R. Gignoux, Mrs. Richard C. Payson, Miss Esther Wright and Harry M. Verrill.

Among those attending the dance were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dana Barrowes, Col. and Mrs. Henry G. Beyer, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Brown, Dr. and Mrs. Sylvester Judd Beach, Mr. and Mrs. James P. Baxter, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sewall Bosworth, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lee Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton W. Davis, Mrs. George F. Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford C. Emerson, Miss Marion Elwell, Col. and Mrs. Frederick E. Gignoux, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hamlen, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Willis C. Hay, Dr., and Mrs. Adam P. Leighton, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Wadsworth Noyes, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Parker, Mrs. Richard C. Payson, Miss Margaret Payson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Payson, Mr. and Mrs. Dean B. Small, Mr. and Mrs. Elias Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. William Widgery Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore K. Thurston, Dr. and Mrs. Talcott O. Vanamee, Mrs. William A. Wheeler, Mrs. J.S. Winslow, Miss Philena Winslow, Mrs. Edward Woodman, Miss Hanna Woodman, Mrs. Augustus R. Wright, Miss Esther Wright, Miss Dorothy Wright, Senator Frederick Hale, Harry M. Verrill, Donald M. Payson, Dexter Tiffany, Jr., Harold R. Robinson, Howard E. Perry, Edward Dennison, and Henry Robinson.

It was a lovely beginning to a great Cape tradition.